Our corporate sponsors can be companies of any size, who are able to contribute in all sorts of ways from sponsoring programs and services to gift giving and partnering. They are critical to G.H.Y.S. and through their generous gifts they help enable our mission and change the lives of many.

Some ideas on how companies may partner with G.H.Y.S. include:

  • Sponsor an Event: Sponsorship can be a powerful strategic positioning tool for companies to heighten their visibility by partnering with a non-profit organization. In addition, visibly supporting a local cause and the community while contributing to its economic development is an extremely powerful message to customers and creates enormous goodwill. Gordon House Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. offers sponsorship opportunities for many of its events. E-mail us to inquire about opportunities.
  • Donation of a percentage of sales: We can provide you with advertisement materials that will let your customers know a portion of your sales for a period of time is being donated by your business to our cause. We will issue a tax receipt for contributions.
  • Gift-in-kind donations for fundraising events: Donation of gifts can greatly help the G.H.Y.S. raise money at special events through silent auctions.

"I value what Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. does for the community. Being a local partner of Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. is important to my business as I believe the youth of today are facing increasingly challenging and diverse issues. As an employer, I pride myself on the ability to enrich these young people's lives by giving them an opportunity to learn and gain confidence in their abilities through a supportive environment."

Shelley Klassen - Designer/CEO, Blushing Designs Inc., Blushing Boutique