One of the inequalities of our present society clearly shows when a young person is willing to work but is unable to find employment. Work dignifies a human being and provides a path to a better living condition for not only the person employed but also for the people around them and the community as a whole.

Many of the young people around us have the potential and the talent to build a future for themselves but are unfortunately victims of a combination of employment barriers that put them at risk of long-term unemployment. At G.H.Y.S. we call them "Youth at-risk". The devastating effects of unemployment permeate across the fabric of society, from affecting collective moral integrity, to exalting discrimination, to creating extended poverty and subsequent dependence on public funds through the welfare system, the criminal justice system, and/or the health care system.

At G.H.Y.S. we have made it our mission to empower youth facing barriers to employment by offering innovative and supportive programs that initiate positive change and personal success in their lives. Our integrated Skills Link program focuses on skills development, assisted job search, work placements, and supported transition to long term employment. We strive to remain known as the go-to resource for youth that will go beyond the "Employment Counsellor" role and assist them with any obstacle they are facing. Detailed information about how our programs work can be found under the Programs We Offer section.

"In a recent year, 2010-2011, 38% of the youth enrolled in the G.H.Y.S. Skills Link program were either on Income Assistance or were supported by parents or relatives on Income Assistance prior to joining our program."