G.H.Y.S. takes great pride in what we do. Our advocacy of the rights and needs of young people, combined with an intimate knowledge of community resources and professionalism in networking with employers and service providers, assures the program's credibility and a genuine response to young people. We believe the following combination of attributes differentiates our program and is key to our success in accomplishing our mission.

Youth benefit from the in-house expertise developed during thirty years delivering continuous employment training programs. Our staff brings a wealth of skills and their combined experience ensures a full understanding of the client group, expertise in classroom facilitation on life skills, employment counselling, job search and knowledge and experience of the business world. G.H.Y.S. strives to remain known as the resource that will go beyond the 'Employment Counsellor' role and assist youth with any obstacles they are facing.

Community Partnerships
Although a stand-alone service, G.H.Y.S. is fully committed to the benefits of collaborative relationships with our partners in the community. At-risk youth seeking employment and resources for change need many interrelated services to help them achieve their goals and realize their potential. We have a long history of building and maintaining effective working relationships with other service providers and we work cooperatively for the benefit of the young people we serve. Interactive referrals between G.H.Y.S. and other agencies ensures all strands of the local social service network are woven together in a holistic way.

Community Network
An important element in the community network is the employer base. G.H.Y.S. has built a solid relationship with a broad spectrum of employers who have welcomed participants into work placements and jobs.

Caring Relationships with the Youth
At-risk youth lives are highly characterized by instability. It is important that they build a sense of trust with those around them in order for them to be able to communicate the complexity, frustrations, and positive aspects of their lives. G.H.Y.S. programs are designed with this in mind and our staff and programs focus on relationships that are both caring and stable.

By building a trusting relationship based on respect, deep understanding of individual situations, and caring, our counsellors strive to earn the youth's trust so they can work together towards planning and executing reachable goals.

"Although the focus of G.H.Y.S. is to assist youth in finding and maintaining employment, 10-15% of youth are reconnected to education."