Program Objectives

The program objective is to provide multi-barriered adults with a range of counselling and coaching services and supports to enhance their quality of life and to help them participate more fully in their communities by strengthening their connection to community resources.

Program Description

The G.H.Y.S. Moving Forward Community Assistance Program, funded by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, provides fundamental support services for participants to overcome personal barriers. Through a client-centered approach, a Life Skills Counsellor works alongside the participant to develop a personal plan that fosters self-reliance and life skill development in areas that applies to their specific needs. Such related life skills can be any but not limited to communication skills, building self-esteem, money management, goal setting, anger management, and healthy relationships. Through personal counselling, coaching, advocacy and referrals to community resources, participants identify their personal barriers and strengths and are helped to set goals. Achievement of these personal goals then move the participant forward toward enhanced quality of life and strengthened community connections.

The program delivery is illustrated below:

Program Eligibility / How to Apply

The program is intended to assist participants who have significant barriers to an improved quality of life, and who may be socially or culturally isolated within their communities. Participants must be currently receiving income assistance and at least 19 years old. Referral from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development is required. Interested candidates should talk to an Employment Assistance Worker for referral information.

Program Benefits

Through linkages with other community services and support systems, participants in the Moving Forward Community Assistance Program are expected to achieve benefits in the following areas:

  • Enhanced self-worth and a greatly improved chance of breaking the cycle of dependency on public supports
  • Improved personal budgeting abilities
  • Increased community involvement
  • Increased networking
  • Commitment to a healthier lifestyle
  • Developed skills that contribute to stronger family relationships
  • Possible enrolment in education or training; movement into employment programming
  • Accepting a volunteer placement

Other supporting services included in the program involve:

  • Access to computers, internet, telephones, fax and printers
  • Clothing and food vouchers as required
  • Assistance with transportation costs and applications for child care subsidies
  • Referrals and support in areas such as literacy and ESL programs, detox and treatment centres, health services, housing, parenting program, addictions resources, and mental health services

Program Sessions Calendar

The Community Assistance Program does not run according to a calendar or pre-scheduled sessions. Participants are enrolled based on referrals from Employment Assistant Workers. Please refer to the eligibility section for further information.

"When I applied for Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. I was dealing with a lot of issues: unemployment, depression and stress. The program helped me to make friends and feel free talking to strangers. It also taught me how to behave myself at a workplace and at the end I was rewarded with a job :) The staff at Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. are perfect! I felt like I was talking to my friends and they helped with everything at anytime. I think the program can help a lot of people who really need some guidance in where to go in life."