Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our organization, they guide how we behave and make decisions.

Caring Attitude – G.H.Y.S. demonstrates compassionate support and concern for youth at-risk by providing continued support and advocacy for their well being and personal growth. Each participant’s ability to progress is recognized and supported, regardless of his/her individual rate of progress.

Tailored to the Individual – All staff, collectively and individually, focus their interactions with participants on building self-esteem, promoting personal decision making and goal setting, and supporting positive life-style changes reflective of the perspective, goals, and aspirations of the individual. We strive to help each person to realize their potential based on what is important to them.

Supporting Diversity – G.H.Y.S. continuously promotes, through example and education, the elimination of all forms of discrimination, bias and prejudice. We seek to assist as many people as our financial resources can support.

Working with Integrity – G.H.Y.S. has the highest level of integrity in its administration, services, and outreach activities. We are ethically unyielding and honest, inspiring trust by matching our behaviours to our mission and taking responsibility for our actions.

Being Responsive – G.H.Y.S. is committed to evolving as local needs and conditions change and to be ready to address current and emerging market trends.

Partnering with the Community – Leveraging the power of partners’ insights, collaboration and delivering outstanding services where we work together.

Offering Continued Support – G.H.Y.S. understands that at-risk youth requires various support services and community resources to stabilize and maintain positive changes. Employment counsellors continue to maintain contact with the youth for up to twelve weeks after program’s completion. Participants are welcomed back to visit as often and for as long as we can be of help to them.

Seeking Financial Sustainability – G.H.Y.S. believes its work as an advocate and service provider will be needed for many years into the future. We strive to consistently increase public awareness and deliver on our mission, guided by our strategic goals and with a careful financial planning structure to secure and maintain current and future operations.

"As an independent store owner of a large grocery chain, I am proud to be in partnership with Gordon House Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. I have employed youth through their Skills Link program and have made recommendations to other MarketPlace IGA owners who would benefit from employing youth from this program. I believe in the good work they do and this is why I will continue to work with them in the future and recommend them to other employers."

Marta Zheng - Owner Market Place IGA #34