Finding the right employee can be an equally challenging task for managers as it is for those looking for work. Hiring the wrong employee can be expensive, costly to your work environment, and time consuming. On the other hand, hiring the right employee pays back in employee engagement, productivity, a successful employment relationship and a positive impact on the overall work environment.

To this end, we seek for employers who are aware of all the factors that are preventing youth from entering the labour market and are willing to work with them in a supportive and holistic manner through mentorship. It is important that employers not only understand youth barriers but also strive to provide them with opportunities to overcome them.

At the core of our working relationships with employers, G.H.Y.S. is committed to partnering the right employee with the employer's business working environment. By partnering with G.H.Y.S., employers will have the opportunity to:

  • Draw from an untapped pool of talent and skills that can help move their business forward
  • Train and get to know an employee while wages are partially subsidized for the first two months of employment
  • Become a mentor and help youth make positive changes in their lives
  • Save time and money on recruitment
  • Make a direct positive impact on your community creating a double bottom line by saving costs and giving back to the community

Businesses are still able to apply their usual screening processes such as interviews and reference checks in a timely manner. When one of our youth is hired, our employment counsellors will conduct a mid-way performance evaluation for the youth. This process provides valuable feedback for both the employer and the participant, further ensuring that both parties are working towards a successful working relationship.

If the youth has done well through their subsidized employment period, employers are expected to offer the youth paid employment upon the subsidized contract ending.

Refer an Employer

We are always looking to build new relationships and establish new partnerships with employers. If you know of an employer that values mentorship and is looking for ways to give back to the community while gaining employees that are dedicated to success, please refer them to us. You may also contact the G.H.Y.S. Job Developer at @youthsearch.ca and provide us with the business name, contact person, address, and phone number. When appropriate we'd like to use your name as a reference when contacting the employer.

Be Part of our Job Posting Board

Send us your job announcements and information on employment opportunities, and we will post them on our job boards viewed by our youth.

If you are interested in working with our organization to hire or interview our youth or to send us a job opening, please email us.

"It has been our pleasure to be a partner with Gordon House Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. We believe that Gordon House provides a valuable service to our community. It is our intention to continue our fundraising efforts and hopefully enable Gordon House Youth S.E.A.R.Ch. to reach more at risk youth."

David Sullivan - Owner Vancouver MarketPlace IGA, Robson Street